DirecTV HD DVR Freezes Up and Is Pixelated

Obstructed Satellite
DirecTV works by transmission a proof from a satellite rotating in Earth's orbit to a smaller dish mounted somewhere on your property. after you order DirecTV service, a trained installer mounts the dish therefore it's a transparent a line as potential to the supply satellite. However, if this direct path becomes clogged by a brand new building created close, growing vegetation or another obstacle, it affects the signal being passed between the satellite and your dish, resulting in image issues like frozen pictures or pixelation.

Bad weather in your space, notably within the type of precipitation, affects your DirecTV signal. even as terrestrial-bound structures like trees and buildings will hinder the road of sight between the supply satellite orbiting Earth and your dish, clouds, fog, rain and snow can even interfere with the signal, inflicting image pixelation and frozen frames. If any of this precipitation ends up in wetness pools on the low-noise blockers set at the tip of the arm on your DirecTV dish, it distorts the image within the type of pixelation and frozen pictures.

Outdated Technology
Older TV sets also are typically responsible for poor image quality. Most TV and moving-picture show studios broadcast shows at a speed of sixty frames per second, or sixty hertz. observed as a television's refresh rate, older sets -- even those designed to figure at sixty hertz -- will impede over time, moving the refresh rate. once this happens, you are a lot of possible to induce pixelation and freeze frames on your screen as your TV struggles to stay up with the information it's receiving from the supply.

Your potential answer for pixelation and alternative image issues involving a DirecTV HD DVR receiver depends on the supply of the problem itself. If your downside stems from associate degree noncurrent TV that is incompatible together with your DirecTV receiver, the satellite company will not get involved; you will have to upgrade your TV or tolerate the problem. If associate degree clogged satellite is responsible, contact DirecTV's client line at 1–800–531–5000 to schedule a meeting for a technician to relocate your dish. Temporary weather problems ought to resolve themselves once the weather improves, however if they do not, flip your receiver box off by unplugging it for fifteen seconds and so plugging it back in; this resets the box, assuaging some issues.