Video convertor
All of the receivers have a group of ordinary definition output jacks. to attach your receiver to a second tv you wish to get a video convertor and RF modulator. this is often one piece of apparatus offered in electronic offer stores and huge home improvement stores; you'll be able to conjointly realize it from varied net retailers for fewer than $20.

Converter association
All DirecTV receivers have video and audio output jacks. There ar 2 audio jacks for stereo sound and one video jack. The video convertor has inputs for audio and video; the audio jacks ar white and red and also the video jack is yellow. A cable typically comes with the convertor. it's a similar color plugs on every finish. If it doesn't go together with your convertor, you'll be able to purchase one at a similar place you purchase the convertor. Connect the cable between the convertor and DirecTV receiver, ensuring the colours match. after you end creating all of the connections, plug the convertor into a wall outlet.

Option One
If your home has cable jacks in every space, purchase associate degree applicable length of RG-6 transmission line. Connect one finish to the convertor's RF output jack and run the cable from the converter out of the wall close to wherever the DirecTV input cables ar situated. If necessary, drill a hole through the wall to feed the cable to the surface. find the cable utility box on the surface wall and open it. you'll see many cables within. One ought to run through your home to the space you wish to position the second tv. Connect the cable to the acceptable cable with a cable coupling (available from a similar sources) and you'll have DirecTV within the space. attempt every cable within the utility box till you receive programming within the desired space.

Option Two
If your home doesn't have cable jacks in every space, connect the RG-6 cable to the convertor as higher than and run the cable on baseboards and thru walls, if necessary, till you reach the space with the extra tv. Route the cable in order that you'll not trip on that and connect the opposite finish to your tv. Secure the cable against baseboards exploitation nail-on insulated cable-clamps sized for RG-6 cable.

If you're connecting the cable to a HDTV, you'll not be ready to receive high-definition reception while not a separate DirecTV receiver within the space. To receive any signal on the second tv with this association, you'll have to be compelled to set the resolution on the DirecTV receiver to 480i. that's a standard-definition analog image. it's the sole signal you'll be able to transmit to the second tv. additionally, your primary tv can solely be ready to receive standard-definition footage if you wish to own reception on each televisions at the same time. Since you are solely exploitation one receiver, you'll solely be ready to watch a similar channel on each televisions.